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Rebecca Much, 2004 silver medalist – Junior World Road Championships, multiple Junior and U23 National Champion, pro for T-Mobile, Webcore and Tibco

“Randy has been my number one cycling coach and mentor throughout my racing career. Through a progressive program that developed alongside my abilities and gains in strength, Randy coached me to win two Junior National Championship titles along with a silver Junior World Championship medal. Randy’s coaching places high values on setting goals that lead you to envision and strive for success. Alongside goals, Randy’s mantra of consistent focus on hard work pays off and his support in times of question is undeniably reassuring. Randy helped me achieve my dreams and more. I will be forever grateful to him for his guidance through my developing years.”

Victor Plata, 2004 Olympic Triathlete, 2000 Olympic alternate, Collegiate triathlon National Champion

“I first learned about cycling training and tactics from Randy in 1996. Since that time, Randy´s coaching techniques, philosophy, and character have inspired both my career as an Olympian triathlete and my life as a human being.

Over the course of my career as a professional triathlete I often had to make tough choices about training, racing, and life. I was fortunate to have Randy Warren to call on for advice. One of his many strengths is his ability to see the world through the eyes of others. I once consulted with him about the best place to train for the Olympics. He provided a thorough analysis that focused on my own personal issues as an athlete and a man. I printed out his advice and I’ve kept it over the years, reflecting on it when athletes that I coach are faced with the same decision.

Randy is not a coach-in-a-box. He has developed his skill over decades of perseverance and passion for excellence in sport and life – as a competitor, mentor, and human being. Randy is an innovator. I once needed to determine my best aerodynamic position on the bike but couldn’t afford access to a wind tunnel. Randy gave me an innovative method using a power meter and a cycling track. His motto should be, “make it work,” because no matter how challenging the circumstances, Randy works the problem with a degree of faith and tenacity that I admire deeply.

Randy is also a teacher. His advice comes from the heart and he truly wants others to succeed in reaching their goals.”

Johnny Kuhfahl, 2016 Pan-Am Junior Gold Medalist, multiple Junior National Champion

Randy as a coach really helped me get out and working, and was understanding when I needed time to rest. He was very easy-going and that created an optimal environment for sharing how I would physically feel at any given time. Randy helped me look at training and racing in different way, and really did his best to provide me with the resources and knowledge needed to compete at a high level. Randy didn’t just write training plans for me, but was willing to work with my particular needs, and was exceptionally organized. He certainly set me on the right path, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

John Tomlinson, multiple Junior National Champion, 2010 USA Cycling Team member to Junior Track World Championships

“I have had a wonderful five years under Coach Randy’s training. Randy has taken me from zero to sixty within that time period. Randy has also made sure, throughout the years that I am physically, as well as, mentally healthy. For this I am forever grateful as Randy saved me from the burnout many of my friends, through my years as a junior, suffered. Coach Randy has taught me amazing work ethic, loyalty, as well as balance in life and cycling. As it turns out, balance and work ethic have become a huge part of who I am today. Without those two things that Randy taught me I don’t think I could have made cycling happen in my life. All of this could not have happened without loyalty. Coach Randy kept me on the right track, and made sure I stayed in one place where I could thrive and grow, and that was xXx Racing-AthletiCo. Randy showed me through example what being loyal meant, and what it took. This helped me immensely as I developed relationships with others.”

Heidi Jane Sarna, Professional Triathlete/Duathlete, Category 2 cyclist, 2009 & 10 USA Cycling Duathlon World Championship Team Member, 2010 Duathlon World Championship Team Silver Medal

“I have been coached by Randy Warren for my entire professional career. Randy has helped me to see the big picture, set goals, and follow benchmarks to meet my goals. Many of my accomplishments as an athlete were inspired by his guidance. One of the things Randy has helped me with the most is understanding where and when to focus my energy to win!

Parts of the competitive season are exhausting with high volume training and race-pace intensity. Randy has helped me understand that these times are the most important for long-term success. On a smaller scale, success at the finish line is marked by a hard push through the middle parts of a race that often feel impossible. Randy has inspired me to stay alert and always do my best.”

Julie Henderson Dandliker, 1995 Collegiate National Criterium Champion

“Randy was a fantastic coach for me. He covered every aspect of coaching starting from setting goals to race strategies. He always stays current with the latest research and science with target heart rate zones, diet, training practices, etc. He worked with me to determine target heart rate zones depending on the type of training I was doing. He even coached me on what training to do when, including endurance, interval, sprint and recovery.

I always look back on my racing years fondly. I still apply many of the things Randy taught me in other areas of my life, including my professional career – years after I stopped racing. I never would have accomplished what I did without Randy’s dedicated coaching.”

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