Time Trialing Information

Time Trialing Information


 Know the course and current conditions

  • Pre-ride or pre-drive the course the day of the event if possible
    • Conditions change and it behooves you to know of any road construction, new pot holes, dirt in corners changes in pavement, etc.
    • It is important to be aware of the wind direction and intensity on all parts of the course
  • Do not trust your own watch
    • The only time that matters on race day is the official’s time
      • Make sure that you check the start clock and know what time that the officials think that it is and adjust your warm up accordingly


  • About 1:15
  • Example:
    • On Trainer
      • 10 minutes at recovery
      • Off and stretch
      • 10 minutes at endurance
      • 2 minutes at TT HR
      • 10 minutes at endurance
      • 2 minutes TT HR
      • 5 minutes at recovery
    • Off Trainer
      • Switch to race wheels
      • Warm-up on road checking:
        • Shifting
        • Breaking
        • Tightness of handlebars/aero bars
      • One start effort
      • To line 10 minutes early to check official clock
      • Roll around until 5 minutes to start time then report to start line


  • Almost always big chain ring start, make sure in appropriate gear
  • Lead foot just below down tube
  • Start stop watch at 10 seconds to go
  • Deep breaths after starting stop watch
  • Out of saddle, get up to speed quickly without overextending

On course

  • Everyone goes fast when it is easy, make sure that you do as well
  • Difference is made on difficult sections
    • Against wind
    • Up hill
    • Technical parts
    • At end of TT
  • Maintain focus
  • Mental check list
    • Breathing
      • Long deep breaths
      • Breath from diaphragm
    • Flat back
    • Open chest
    • Relaxed upper body
    • Still upper body
    • Solid core
    • Round pedal stroke
  • Work as hard as you can without “blowing up”
  • Short TT’s OK to sit forward on saddle
  • Longer TT’s will need to sit back further on saddle to use hamstrings and glutes more
  • With about 3 minutes left, OK to go to above Red Line
  • Should be completely spent at end of TT

Post ride

  • Stay on bike
  • Small gear spin for 10 minutes
  • Stretch and drink recovery drink

Later in Day

  • Massage
  • Eat well
  • Good sleep


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