Camp profiles

Warren Cycling produces camps and tours for a wide variety of cyclists. Winter and Spring Camps are primarily geared towards racing cyclists of all ability levels from beginners to professionals.

Dates for our 2012 camps:

  • February 16-19 xXx Racing-AthletiCo Women’s Camp (Team Members only)
  • March 2-10 San Luis Obispo, CA xXx Racing-AthletiCo Team Camp (Team members only)
  • March 11-19 Italy Team Time Trail Camp – Spend a week training in Tuscany, capped off by racing in the Michele Bartoli 8-person TTT! Open to the general public – Limited number of spaces available. Details HERE
  • March 31-April 7 San Luis Obispo, CA Camp open to all. After 7 years of team camps in SLO, this will be our first SLO camp open to the general public. Details HERE
  • April 26-30 Asheville, NC xXx Racing-AthletiCo Team Climbing Camp (Team members only)
  • May 11-21 Italy Granfondo Camp open to general public. Race 1-2 Granfondos and see one day of the Giro d’Italia in beautiful Tuscany. The trip of a lifetime!

Details on all camps coming soon.

Italy camps are centered on a competitive racing experience. Recreational cyclists, along with serious racers will enjoy the camps with one-day Granfondo experiences. Trips that include the Michele Bartoli TTT and the trip to Sardinia for the 7-day stage race are geared towards the racer who wants to ride in a competitive environment. The Bartoli TTT and Giro Di Sardogna provides the amateur racer with a Euro-Pro, TTT and stage-race experience, unique opportunities for an American racer!

Larger and longer camps such as San Luis Obispo, CA offer plenty of opportunity for skill development and a variety of daily ride lengths and levels of difficulty (fit beginner to professional). Shorter camps such as Ashville, NC are more intense and cater to the more competitive racing cyclist. Winter and Spring Camps have professional support to minimize the need for lengthy stops, although regrouping is common at intuitive locations.

Fall Tours are geared more towards the recreational cyclist and “off season” riding for the racing cyclist. Fall Tours include more casual riding and may visit local wineries and other tourist attractions and allow for stops for photo opportunities.

Smaller, more intimate camps can be tailored to your individual or small-group needs almost any time of the year.

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